Kotenka pauses website work. Who has the refreshments.
Samuel passes out Punch and Pie.
Maya does and passes out Oreo Double Stuff and soda
Galgeron offers Kotenka a glass of goats blood.
Popper opts for the oreos and soda.
Orphen has arrived.
Kotenka says "Oreos, Punch, and Pie-- oh my."
Samuel tosses Orphen on the Hibatchi.
Popper thanks Maya for the oreos and soda.
Orphen cooks to a nice golden brown.
Sinclair says "uh, think I could have some of the goat blood, Galgeron?"
You say "Now, we have a number of things on the agenda today..."
Galgeron laughs, and hands him a keg.
Maya suggests we all wish Maggie a Happy Birthday first.
Samuel gives Maggie a birthday Shagging.
You say "Happy Birthday, Maggie! :)"
Kotenka says "Good idea-- but I already did. How about birthday cookies?"
Maggie says "thanks!!!"
Popper says "Happy birthday Maggie. :)"
Galgeron picks up maggie by her shirt and screams, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGGIE!" in her face.
Orphen gives Maggie a Happy Birthday lapdance. :D
Orphen laughs at Gal.
Amanita has arrived.
Galgeron shouts, "Hide!"
Sinclair jumps out of this big, large cake. "Happy Birthday Maggie!"
Orphen hides, and wonders what's on the menu for today.
Galgeron shrugs, "You are for one."
You say "On to the first item... :) We've been running this MUSH for over a year. Since then, we've gotten over 100 active players. Of those, almost fifty log in /every day/. So the first item is just a big 'thank you' to all of you guys - our players. :)"
Samuel continues to give Maggie a birthday Shagging. What? You thought him a minute man?
Galgeron *silly mood disabled*
Samuel desillyfies.
Bagheera has arrived.
Galgeron says, "Your welcome. You admins deserve alot of credit too."
Maya would like to thank Alpha and Craig for starting this place and all the admins who keep it gong despite bitchy players :)
You say "You all have helped this place become one of the best Shadowrun MUSHs out there, not just in numbers, but in a community spirit. When a new player logs on, they get greeted by someone - and often it's by one of you, and not us poor busy admins. ;)"
You say "That's what I really think is the high point of our MUSH. We're not just a bunch of players grubbing for karma. We all try to pitch in and help as best we can, whenever we can. And I just want to say that I really appreciate that, on a very personal level."
Bagheera says "Soah, ish theah ah prohblehm weah neehd toah discuhs? (accent mode off now, just needed to do that)"
Galgeron laughs!
Samuel yanks Bagheera's Accent Chips.
Kotenka just listens-- too many people too pose responses just yet. It's his speech, afterall. n.-
Popper says "People tend to respond to the environment, if the admins were hostile I doubt it would be as friendly a place as it is."
Galgeron says, "Heh, even when I'm to blame Kotenka steals the credit :P"
You say "I thought I'd give the good news first... ;) On that note... JESUS CHRIST WE HAVE A LOT OF PLAYERS! :) If there's anyone who's interested in joining staff, we'd be glad to know about it. We only have a few requirements..."
Popper waits to hear the list.
Maggie grins
Galgeron assumes that the first is that there name is not his.
((Game)) The mists swirl around a single point, then coalesce into the form of Corvidae.
Corvidae has arrived.
Samuel goes home.
Samuel has left.
Darien has arrived.
BirdsInMouth has arrived.
Helper has arrived.
OrphenInBirdsMouth waves to BirdsInMouth.
BirdsInMouth says "I'm not even going to ask what you're doing in thre."
You say "First up, you must have spent at least a month on here, online, to get a feel for the kind of place that it is. It's a very different MUSH than a lot of them out there, in many ways. Second, you must have the ability to treat everyone fairly, regardless of the situation. Third, you /must/ be polite to be on staff. We do not tolerate staffers who are rude and cuss at players, or at other staff members. Abuse begets abuse, and that is not the kind of atmosphere we want here."
Helper says "YEah, like that punk Matrix!"
Maya oohhhs, "I have those things!! Except I don't understand code and I don't have rules memorized :P"
BirdsInMouth says "Gee, I've struck out on three counts already."
Orphen says "1) I've been here at least a month. 2) I'm not prejudice; I hate alla you bastiches equally. ;) 3) I like being abused."
Orphen ahems. "Er..I mean..." ;D
Helper shakes his head to that
Popper asks "Are there any other conditions?"
Darien 1) Same, over a month. 2) I'll hear people out. 3) I am Zen.
Galgeron laughs, "Well I guess that would be good news for me if I wanted to join staff, bad news for everyone else :)"
Darien says "hehe"
You say "And you really, really, /really/ should have the books. :)"
Maya has about 30 of em
Darien has only the main book.
Maggie says "damn. i qualify"
Popper says "I've got the first three covered, and working on the fourth."
Helper says "Fools, if you join staff you will be doomed :)"
You say "Even just having the main book would let you do a few things... :)"
Corvidae nods. Referance material is damned essential.
Maya points Darien to www.stiggybaby.com
Galgeron says, "I have quite a few of the books. Don't think 30 though."
Kotenka thinks Matrix qualified as a better staffer than most. One single incident does not dictate anything for a person except that he is human. Several incidents do. :P
Maggie sighs
Maya loves helping people
Popper says "And I'd join staff if the staff were willing to have me."
Helper throws Matrix out the window, K-Dawg :)
Galgeron says, "Yeah, I liked him. I still liked him even after he went postal. Although granted he wasn't going postal at me."
Orphen would join staff if he wasn't shipping off in the end of july. Maybe when I get back online... ):)
Kotenka throws a matress out there for him to land on. :P
Kotenka says "Or hit him on the way down, whichever God wants. n.-"
Craig hugs Mags. He loves her. ;) "So, if anyone wants to apply to be on staff, @mail me and Wyldfire with a request about it, and it will be considered in due process. I'm not sure how many more we'd like to consider - probably around two or three would be a good number."
Helper says "I got a great idea, it's like a vission............!!!!!! Run something on the grib while being just a PC before you join the staff and idle in your nexus just like you idle in your hotel as a PC???!!!"
BirdsInMouth says "Poor bastards... I hardly knew ye."
Kotenka nods to Helper on that one.
Galgeron chuckles.
Maggie hugs craig, but wont be a source of stress in that regard. i like playing
Ragnar has arrived.
Maya hmmms, "I wouldn't be chosen out of a big group....the coding stuff being a prob and all
Kotenka personally wouldn't mind seeing more staffer's review logs.
Craig hugs Maggie. "I like you playing, too... :) Remember, you don't have to be a staffer to run plots. You can do that as a player just as easily, and you even get karma for it."
Helper winded about that a lil, K-Dawg, before
Galgeron says, "I don't think you need to program to be an admin."
Corvidae came on staff, with no coding ability whatso ever.
Helper says "Whined"
Maya wouldn't mind doing logs and the 'menial/grunt' stuff though. "I like that kinda stuff actually :)"
Corvidae came on staff, with only a half brained idea what he was doing. No commentary, please.
Helper says "104 pages of logs for 3 karma??????"
Maggie nods.
Galgeron says, "EEP!"
Kotenka nods. So long as it is a discussion, I would like to put my 2 nuyen in on some topics as well. ;)
You say "A lot of the gruntwork is the queues. Especially the /equipment/ request queue... and it's all your fault, Maya!! ;) j/k"
Maya chuckles
Helper says "No, it's.... fault...."
Maya points to Kotenka, "He orders most of it."
Ragnar says "Nah, its the player's fault. :P"
Kotenka grins.
You say "Okay, Kotenka. You can have the floor breifly before I move on to the next topic of discussion."
Kotenka says "While we are on the topic of staff."
Helper says "It's the crack smoking queues that suck, the ones that need Craigs or Wylds review.... :("
Kotenka says "First I want everyone to realize the pressures that the staff have on them."
Orphen knows them well. Used to staff on Seattle (I've been Cleansed since then;)
Bagheera didn't know matrix retired
Kotenka says "It's not a lofty high position. It is something they do, like a job, for no pay. Some can relate to this and some can not."
Helper says "i didn't retire, I went away"
Kotenka says "They are also human-- and that is directed to both sides of the coin, there. With that in mind..."
Kotenka says "I like how the staff has kept on rules and RP. But I have seen a trend in 'I dont want to review logs' for whatever reason."
Orphen says "Being an admin is a thankless job. Unless people are kind enough to periodically tell them how nice they are for volunteering their time, for free, to run the game. It helps out when PCs don't bitch&gripe about little things.. like, those 20 rounds of Ex-ex you want, or that armor mod you didn't get, etc."
Orphen gives the floor back to K. :]
Galgeron adds, "Thats one of the reasons I liked Matrix, he'd review plots quickly.
Kotenka says "Matrix reviewed logs. He is the only person I knew to get to them in any reasonable timeframe. With Matrix gone, what does the staff plan on doing about this?"
Ragnar says "Lots are a dilemma from a staffer's point of view. If they want to come on and run plots a lot, then logs are just a big millstone."
Helper says "Why not bring him back :) Heh, now I started smoking crack, it's like a plague :)"
Ragnar says "If someone likes logs a lot, that'd be a good job for em, I mean do what you can to enjoy yourself."
Amanita says "da GM does logs"
Amanita says "and so does Hieronymous too."
You say "Okay, then, here's the sitch we have with Logs right now..."
Galgeron says, "Somehow I don't think he is coming back. He did kind of nuke his own character."
Pointer has arrived.
Azul has arrived.
Helper says "Da GM is on break, Hiero does a bad ass job on queues period, all hail Heironymous :)"
Kotenka has, literally, waited a month to get logs reviewed.
Galgeron says, "!"
Kotenka says "On multiple occasions. With and without the new system."
BeetleJuice has arrived.
Drake333 says "I did know Matrix left. So sad."
Helper says "No it's not, he sucked :)"
Popper says "'Trix is gone?"
Azul says "yeah"
Bagheera doesn't do logs much. I just know that It's dissapointing to not have queues looked at.
Popper says "Bummer.. any clue why?"
Azul says "nope"
Corvidae says "Personal reasons, Popper.""
BirdsInMouth says "Just an odd thought, and as an outsider, I think I can honestly ask this without pointing fingers. After all, I just have no idea who I'd be pointing a finger at. So this isn't a personal attack, and don't bite my head off. But could a major reason why log review takes so long is a tendancy for players to send in every log they make, wether or not anything interesting happens durring them?"
BirdsInMouth says "In other words, are the staff putting off reading things they find dull as hell?"
BeetleJuice will check the queues... Did 7 this morning :P *ewwq*
You say "The Apps queue takes 24-72 hours to proccess a new claim. The equipment queue generally takes a couple of days... More if Maya's been flooding us with requests. ;) The Logs queue takes about a week to review. These periods are considered fairly acceptable. If your queue has been sitting there for more than two weeks, tell me or Wyldfire about it and we'll get right on top of it. We're the pick-up guys when everyone else is too busy. :)"
Popper says "Bummer.."
Kotenka does logs requently-- and the single most deterring factor in me doing more is the time it takes to get to them.
Azul says "I find that being an Admin forces an indivdual. I would want to say that the person wants to, but then again it gets to a point were the Admin feels forced to do things"
You say "The logs queue generally isn't a priority because people bitch more about the apps queue and the equipment queue. :)"
Azul says "thats when a break is needed."
You say "Two weeks, though - that's too long. Tell us. :)"
Amanita just takes plenty of chill pills.
Corvidae says "If I may address this subject, Craig?"
Kotenka notes one of the instances with the month-long-log was from Alpha, Craig. By the time the next month's tourney rolled around, last month's still hasn't been reviewed.
Azul says "I'll shut up now"
You say "Sure, Corv."
Helper says "Craig, you should like controll the responce turns, like "roll init " or something, or am I the only one confused"
Maya smiles at Helper, "Just you ;)"
Galgeron says, "Oddly enough. I'm not. And that's rare."
ex-Matrix says "Fine :P"
BirdsInMouth says "And unsurprisingly, everyone ignores the possibility they might be dull. Sigh."
Azul says "true"
Corvidae says "Logs. They are long, and for the most part, Boring to read. I, sure as heck dont read them. I have allways requested a synopsis of the plot at the top, and then I spot check it, to make sure its consistant. It takes an average of 15-20 minutes to clear a log in such a fashion. THats 15-20 more minutes That I am not filling Ques, or on the grid, running plots, or building, or otherwise handling issues the players bring up. So, I suggest, if you want your logs read in a timely fashion, put all the pertinante information at the top, suply a fairly detailed synopsis, and edit them well."
ex-Matrix says "Damn lazy ass :)"
Orphen snickers.
Kotenka does. That information is in +news policy playerplots.
BirdsInMouth says "What kind of logs do you want to receive, anyway? All of them? Only runs? What?"
Corvidae says "Personaly, I am bored to tears of "Run in here, kill people, pick up stuff, sell stuff, get reward" plots."
Maggie sends mail to craig with a solution
Pointer says "Staff have to read logs"
Corvidae says "I would love to get some logs of just good in depth roleplay."
You say "Mostly, people use the logs for shadowruns, but if you just have some 'general RP' you want to submit, that'll work."
ex-Matrix says "amen, Corvidude"
Pointer says "This is a PRP based MUX, log turn around should be a priority as much as the equip queue"
Kotenka agrees with Pointer.
Maggie says "easy to say, harder to put in practice"
ex-Matrix doesn't
Azul says "true"
Pointer says "Granted, having reviewed logs as staff before, they're not fun to read, but 2 weeks should be the benchmark i think"
ex-Matrix says "-Most- eq queue are pretty easy, quick and LEGIT, log, are.... need imporovement, well, GMing does"
You say "Getting some extra staffers may well help with this, giving us all some extra time to read logs and such."
BeetleJuice frowns and as a newbie admin has something to say "This job gives you the biggest headache there is... I always thought when I was a player that I wished admins would run faster or how come it takes so long... But god... :P I am still happy as hell to have this spot and to help out here... and no one ever asks me to do anything for them so I guess thats a plus... but I just wanted to say that... I will go back to my queues now :)"
Sinclair says "just that you cannot compare a log/prp with a queue request"
Maya imagines it could take a really really really long time to fully read one log.
Sinclair says "you can compare a prp request with a queue request but as soon as it is a log and should dish out rewards it hardly is compareable"
Pointer shrugs
Galgeron says, "In the future, I'll try to provide more detail in my synopses."
You say "Moving onto the next topic now..."
Pointer says "Whether or not you compare them is one thing, point is, this has always been said to be a PRP based mux"
Pointer says "So logs are important. Anyway."
Azul says "yep"
Katarina has arrived.
Orphen has left.
Maya asks, "Is it currently set up so the synopsis includes task, what happened, and what rep, cash and karma changes should be made? So, like Corv said, the admin can spot check and then just follow through with the top sugfestions for disbursement of karma, cash, equip, rep etc?
ex-Matrix says "And you dudes need to combine queues all into one long request, just like you poses and shit right now, there is nothing more frustrating that having 20 queues in a row from a same PC for: a silencer, separate queue, a sound suppressor, separate queue, paper towel and etc."
BirdsInMouth says "Isn't it a bit unreasonable to expect the staff to complete the logs as fast or faster than equipment, considering that there's more of them, they're longer, and there's more chance of them not being up to snuff?"
Maya notes, "That is necessary sometimes Matrix...different admins prefer different tghings."
Kotenka thinks that Craig is changing the subject.
Maya has had to change her format several times based on who picked up her queue
Craig is. :)
BirdsInMouth says "And doing a miserable job."
((ADMIN)) Adn the next topic is......
-=GM=- Cheesecake.
BirdsInMouth says "Muuuuch better."
Corvidae blinks. Cheesecake?
Galgeron busts out some chords on his guitar/axe.
Katarina says "woot cheesecake!"
ex-Matrix punches Kotenka
Kotenka ows. x.x
Darien says "Chessecake is the food of the gods!"
Galgeron wahoos! he loves cheesecake.
Darien says "You are not a God until you have had the cake."
ex-Matrix says "F-A-T gods"
BirdsInMouth says "There just isn't enough control with the cheesecake. Just last night, I saw a player using cheesecake in flagrant disregard for the rules. I won't say names (Galgeron) but it was just uncalled for."
You say "This is regarding the logs queue, incidentally. It was hashed out at the staff meeting last night that we need to start being tougher on you guys. Substandard plots breed substandard players. Lazy, content, and used to having it easy... it's a rare event when I've seen any PC get seriously injured as a result of a plot."
Darien says "And a moon waffle."
Galgeron laughs!
Maggie says "Agreed"
Katarina says "so darien if that is true that means legato is a god?"
Azul says "true"
Maya sighs, "Ok...issue: log turn about...solution: more staff, better synopsis at beginning
Corvidae nods, and agrees. *flashes look at Matrix*
Kotenka agrees.
Azul says "Max pain for max payout. which is where your run into those that wabnt to be Superman. but can't hand the cryptonite."
Maya chuckles, "Poor one eyed, one handed Samuel."
Azul says "bitching and whining. god. I hat that"
You say "You guys need to start improving the quality of your plots - especially the GMs. Don't be afraid to be tough on your players and present them with challenges. A 50k plot should be a /very/ challenging run, one where you have to /think/, not just mow down the baddies. To this end..."
Kotenka has some thoughts on that part as well.
ex-Matrix does not agree, untie my hands and I will smoke some ass, you want to kill 500 inoccent children to steal their ice cream money, no problem, here is the reward and here is the F.A.S.T team at your door. The actions -should- have a counter reaction.
Pointer nods to Craig
Pointer says "Speaking of which, Corv, next time leave me bleeding ;)"
Corvidae nods.
Corvidae winks at Pointer. "Want your spleen back?"
Maya notes one gunshot would kill her weak asss char :P
Darien says "I've liked thinking plots better, because not so much relies on the luck of the die."
Sinclair raises a hand with a suggestion
Pointer says "Well I'll ask for my spleen when it comes to infection time, Corv."
You say "Staff is going to be a lot more strict with reviewing your plots, and bouncing any they think don't have sufficient justification for the rewards you're handing out. You don't have to /kill/ the players to make things a challenge. Try a good mystery plot sometime, something that makes the players think..."
Katarina has disconnected.
Pointer says "I think Matrix's suggestion swings too far the other way, though."
Sinclair says "since players are anyway supposed to do a synopsis, how about adding a 'possible Fallout' section"
You say "That's the next topic, Sinc. ;)"
BirdsInMouth says "Oh, that reminds me. I'm having a bit of trouble getting started, so I guess this is as good a time as any to blame my inadiquate RP skills on you lot. I'm having trouble getting started: am I just missing something, or should some steps be taken to ensure that newbies (i.e. me) are given a shot at a run or two?"
Galgeron says, "I've actually been suprised a couple times about how much of a reward that is awarded. Part of the reason why I often put in the header that you guys should feel free to award less then the amount offered. It doesn't often happen though."
Popper says "I attempted a long term plot a while back, something that actually required use of an alt.. got shot down before it ever started."
Pointer nods to Craig, "Earning you reward doesnt have to mean dealing with hardocre security all the time.
Pointer says "But its also staff that hand out excess rewards, as well"
Corvidae nods. "Staff is just as guilty.
You say "More often, we're just going to reduce the payout and karma for a run we feel is sub-standard, but this is something I wanted to bring up to all of you. Get with it. :) Let's see some RP in these plots, too, not just tactics. :) Teamwork rocks. *nods to Pointers* We've been kicking some heads lately regarding that."
Corvidae says "But, we have been cracking heads."
ex-Matrix says "If I cared what people though I would have not nuked myself, but ask Azul, I didn't kill a guy with my PC to get his car, I threw him a 5K credstick for his piece of shit car and promissed to drop it off at a designated place, blood and cutting is not the answer, talk to fucking people, we all are people, even NPCs, if you want to KILL KILL KILL, there are shadowrun muds out there."
Pointer hms, and doesnt think its so much the karma rewards, as the monetary
Popper would like to bounce an idea past the Admins after the meeting.
ex-Matrix says "oh, and Detroit :)"
You say "Also, there has been some frustrations expressed by players lately about the 50k limit. So, we staffers came up with the following solution. We're going to have plots that are termed 'Gloves Off'..."
Corvidae nods to Pointer. "Trust me. I know. We have been breaking heads. Trust us. We are reigning in over active rewarding Admins, and self policing."
Maya wonders if she's the only char on here who hasn't made a shitload of money in the last 8 months :P
Pointer says "You dont do anything, though, Maya"
Maggie murmurs, "Shouldnt we get the 50 k runs right first before making more money?"
Popper says "no, you're not Maya."
ex-Matrix says "No, Maya, I didn't make a penny either :)"
Maya glares at Pointer, "I don't do anything? I don't shoot guns and kill people."
Drake333 says "I'm so damn poor, I may be homeless soon!"
Pointer says "You sit in your shop and idle or buy people stuff"
You say "In these plots, there is no payout limit. None. Nada. It's only limited by the admin's discretion for the risk involved... But that's not the big kicker."
Maggie says "let's not attack, eh?"
BirdsInMouth says "I'm slipping out... I'll leave the window open to catch this persiflage."
Pointer says "If you want to get rich, go break the law, get on a run. thats where the cheddar is."
ex-Matrix says "No shit, people RP their archetypes, again, life is not all about KILLING and neither is this mux"
Maya sighs, "Never mind. You missed my point."
Pointer says "I think there should be a limit on PRPs"
Pointer says "A salary cap, if you will."
Corvidae nods. "Pointer, there is. Currently, 35k.
Kotenka says "There are a lot of things to consider on this part. First, if you rush in without a plan-- you're less likely to succeed unless you are quick on your feet for improv. If you have time to plan out a run, which some do, you have a better chance of researching and finding countermeasures. If you succeed without injury because of a good plan, so be it. A lot of what I notice is GMs playing 'against' the players instead of with reality. Example-- the group turns around a corner and convienantly there is a para there that doesnt like them-- there goes the alarm-- there goes the run. Occasionally? Sure. Drek happens. In reality, you shouldn't have to tweak your run to fit the caliber of the skill you are dealing with-- people got that good for a reason and it will effect their effeciency. In the same respect, NPCs aren't stupid. They react to distractions and oddities-- and can be a hinderance in more ways than detection. Some of them even /talk/-- and talking your way through a situation is just as plausible as fighting your way through one."
Pointer has earned more than that on PrPs though, Corv.
Corvidae says "Then people are over rewarding, and some admins need to be reminded about caps."
Corvidae says "Now, Craig here, is about to release the PRP Mark II."
Azul says "hmm BiM pointed out a good point. Old Detroit , not the new one, which is way better had cliques that were very selfserving."
Corvidae says "Please listen closely."
ex-Matrix says "God, SUGGEST, quit WHINING and instead SUGGEST or come up with a PLAN or IDEA or something."
Maya notes to Kotenka, "I find players are stuck in a 'if it moves and it's not a PC....kill it' mentality. Instead of, gee, maybe it's just a friggin harmless thing...or gee, maybe I can talk to this NPC."
Maggie thinks this will go better if people relax a little
You say "The big kicker is this. These plots are full consent. The players have to agree to being in the plot beforehand. The GM who runs it can present whatever obstacles he feels are reasonable, and the admin who picks it up is able to run any consequences that he feels are a logical result s well. For example, you can run a plot to steal an LAV... and get away with it. And not even face any real opposition because you were so darned sneaky. The admin, however, will be running the police and the military who will be trying to get back."
Azul says "I could be wrong"
Pointer hrms to craig
Pointer says "The only flaw i see in that is the aftermath, the 'hunt' part of the run."
Amanita says "shouldnt... every plot be like that?"
Bagheera shrugs, and doesn't see her going on any of these sorts of runs. She doesn't like thw words "full Consent" right now.
Pointer says "I dont think I've ever seen a manhunt or similar handled well, when it is handled."
Kotenka has yet to see much retribution. The first form I saw was when Matrix did it-- and I was impressed. The situation was a /bit/ off, but the idea was rather impressive.
Galgeron says, "I think part of the problem is that I'm usaully very flexible with the plots I run. Do whatever it is however you can. Which includes killing. Kind of depressing really because the whole point of being so flexible is so that you can think outside the box."
Azul says "well, thats the risk."
Maggie has to agree with amanita
Corvidae says "Well, Ama..."
Azul says "full conesent says that if you mke the wrong move. you get kacked."
Azul says "what fun"
Pointer says "Thats the point of this game, isnt it?"
Amanita thinks all plots should risk if you act like a donkey in it.
Corvidae says "Basicly, I agreee with you, but there needs to be a line. We drew it here."
Bagheera says "No, it means if the other players get pissed at you, they turn and kill you, no problem."
You say "We depend on the players to do consequences and policing themselves on plots for the most part. These are for people who want an extra bit of uncertainty. Some people like that. Some don't. :)"
Amanita thinks that risk should normally be low, but...
Kotenka says "So should the pay and karma then."
Amanita agrees
BeetleJuice has disconnected.
Galgeron says, "That's why I suggest low rewards usaully :P"
You say "I am writing up a set of 'risk levels' that should help give people an idea of what sort of actions are going to have how many people chasing after them. We'll be using these as guidelines for the staff running consequences."
Maya ponders, "What about submitting an idea for a PRP explaining it briefly and the reward you'd like to give...then admin can preapprove or something?"
Darien says "What are low rewards?"
Popper likes the aftermath hunt idea.
ex-Matrix wishes you all to have fun. And, hope to see you in dead player room :) Later killers, cool guys, not so cool guys, my favorite pornstars and of course, totally uncool guys :) God, being free to speak my mind is uber-cool :)
Corvidae is the Favorite porn star.
Kotenka does 20k, 2 karma.
Pointer says "Bye Matrix."
ex-Matrix says "Yes you are :)"
Kotenka finds that a happy medium.
You say "Maya - that's what the 'plots' queue is for right now. :) Pre-approval of plots that might be more threatening or far-reaching that your standard PrP."
Maggie says "5 k, 1 karma"
ex-Matrix has disconnected.
Galgeron says, "Around here? Seems like enough to buy a cart load of Plutonium. I try to go for 15,000 to 25,000. 1-4 Karma. Precident seems to dictate real high payouts around here."
BirdsInMouth says "Back!"
Pointer doesnt believe you should get more than 3 or 4 karma for a log
Pointer says "Especially considering you're also getting +noms aswell"
Corvidae has never, ever given more than 4 for a log.
You say "This policy is mostly for people who want to leave the consequences up to staff, who in some senses has a lot more latitude in enforcing said consequences, or for players who want to run very high-risk plots, like robbing a bank."
Pointer says "The question is though, Craig, how do you police the policers?"
BirdsInMouth says "With shotguns."
Corvidae nods. "Cattle Prods"
Pointer says "We're talking about giving a PC the power to control the IC police force and bring it to bear on other PCs"
You say "That, I have two comments to reply with..."
Pointer says "Or worse, corporate commandos that dont have to follow any laws"
Corvidae says "No no no...Pointer, This is Admins taking up where the players have left off, I belive.""
Maggie says "reread"
You say "Actually, it's talking about giving the Staff the power to control the police and bring it to bear on PCs, when the PCs have been warned this could be a consequences of their actions."
You say "That clear things up?"
Amanita shrugs. "There are Rules of the Game which the corps adhere to, they don't cack runners who are good little bunraku."
Amanita says "they hire them."
Popper says "Sounds like a good plan. Introduce reality to Denver."
Pointer says "Staff always have. You before were referring to players running consequences, though?"
Corvidae says "No. Staff has allways had a very handsoff kind of policy to PRPs"
Maggie says "The admin, however, will be running the police and the military who will be trying to get back.""
Craig shakes his head. "Up to now, we've tried to leave that up to the players, except in EXTREME circumstance, because any time we have, the player who got the consequences, SCREAMED Staff Bias about it."
Galgeron chuckles, "Personality conflicts can really influence how hard you come down on someone. Usaully I'm of the opinion that if you've pissed off the guy you probably deserve what you get... but sometimes people can get really mad over little things. I know I have. (Luckily I'm not usaully running plots at the time)
Corvidae says "We dont like to get involved with them."
BeetleJuice has connected.
Corvidae nods to Craig.
BeetleJuice has left.
Pointer says "How will this be expected to change, then? The bias thing."
Kotenka notes he didn't scream staff bias-- so its not 'any time', Craig. :P
You say "Spectre."
Kotenka says "Just 9 outta 10. :P"
You say "Kot - you probably would've if we'd let him finish the plot..."
Maggie says "staff is biased. but as long as they arent biased against me...."
Maggie grins
Pointer says "Because I believe staff..who as Corv said, dont want to get involved in PrP consequences, are going to get screamed at, then there are no consequences ICly...because staff wont want to deal with the hassle. And rightly so."
Maya notes, "This brings up the issue of conflict in general. How to address it properly sdo it doesn't end up building into a huge wildfire."
Corvidae shakes his head.
You say "I will tell you right now that if you think that Staff is biased in any way, shape, or form... first off, you're dead wrong. We select our staffers very carefully, and only after they've shown us that we can have faith in them to keep their personal feelings and opinions on people out of their judgements. That's why Matrix is no longer with us, by the way. More on that later."
Corvidae says "Pointer, let me be clear. If you run a Hands off Plot, and I get it..."
Pointer says "Then?"
Corvidae says "I will happily break you over my knee, if your stupid."
Corvidae says "These plots are for the more experianced players."
Corvidae says "WHo want more for their time."
Pointer says "Right, and so, when you do so, how will you deal with me screaming bloody murder?"
Corvidae says "I dotn get involved in PRPs, because those are your own little corner of the world usualy."
Corvidae says "I'll tell you to suck it yup, because you played hands off."
Pointer says "Me being a PC in general, rather than me specifically"
Craig nods "All the players in the plot have to be informed prior to participation that it's a Gloves Off plot. You're consenting to the consequences of your actions, right at that point."
Azul says "punishing those that don't think like career criminals?"
Corvidae says "And trust me, I will."
Kotenka says "Sounds like a contradiction when you were so forthcoming about letting people on staff."
BirdsInMouth says "Uh, Azul, we roleplay career criminals."
Craig says to Kotenka, "I'm getting there. :) Soon as everything clear on this end..."
Kotenka says "10-4."
Pointer shrugs. "Okey dokey then."
Azul says "I know. I try my best to think like one"
Bagheera wonders if there's more new rules?
Azul says "thats what makes it so cool."
Maggie says "punishing those who cant take even reasonable effort, perhaps?"
BirdsInMouth says "A-freaking-men."
Azul nods to Mags
Azul says "Don't do the crime if you don't know the times"
You say "Now, then. As to what happened to Matrix... you'll notice that he's no longer on +staff/list."
((ADMIN)) To Sum up: Hands off plots = Higher reward + admins willing to make you scream for mercy.
Galgeron says, "All of this seems a little harsh..."
*Bashes Azul with the Cliche' Club*
"Furthermore I believe that everyone can be a little biased sometimes. But it's usaully not a problem."
Kotenka says "Everyone /can/ be a little bias-- everyone has preconceptions unless your some sort of Zen master. ;)"
Maya smiles, "There's no shame in stepping aside when you realize you've crossed over into biased areas and need someone else to take over."
Kotenka says "But that involves swallowing your pride and admitting you were wrong."
Corvidae needs to leave now. Real life calls.
You say "Matrix was attempting to run a plot that involved a couple of players having consequences coming back to them. The plot itself was largely approved by staff as something that probably should have occurred... however, as Wyld was listening to some of the things that Matrix was saying about it, he wondered if these players were getting a raw deal or not..."
Darien says "Well, screaming into the screen is usually an indication hehe"
Craig waves to Corv.
Kotenka waves.
Pointer says "Bye Corv"
Darien waves
Drake333 says "So far, happy with the risks = rewards.
Queue replies are okay.
Log review: 1 out of 2 have been answered so far. iggest complaint? = Lack of PrP's to participate in. est thing? = Friendly staff and players willing to RP.

Summary = Still learning, having lots of fun, love you all."
Popper says "Hasta Corv"
Corvidae has disconnected.
Kotenka says "Lack of PrPs to participate in? Oy. :P"
BirdsInMouth says "I don't see any Bs. Is that just me?"
Kotenka sees one in been.
((OOC)) Ragnar says, "Bees? Buzz buzz buzz"
You say "Wyldfire inquired to Matrix about some of the finer points of the plot, and every time he asked a question, he got a rant about how twinky those two players were, and how they were finally going to get what was coming to them. So Wyld told Matrix that he was going to have to prove to him that he wasn't biased in running this plot. After more discussion, Matrix couldn't convince Wyld of this, and so Wyld told Matrix to drop the plot, because he wasn't convinced that the players were going to have a fair and impartial GM."
BirdsInMouth says "Nah, in Drake333's post."
Azul has to run his own and is thankful he has a few individuals he can turn to that know Decker rules
Galgeron says, "Although I agree that consequences can be a good thing. Although I'm not so sure they should be as grand as a thousand police officers showing up at you're door step, and getting locked away for 50 years :P At least not under normal circumstances."
You say "Matrix dropped the plot, then @nuked his player, and then @nuked himself..."
Amanita says "that had to hurt"
You say "I consider that overreacting just a bit."
((OOC)) Ragnar says, "1000 cops? woah"
((OOC)) Ragnar says, "why not send in 50 FBI? :)"
Drake333 says "Yeah, no "B" key. How about that."
BirdsInMouth says "Galgeron has just illustrated why you Don't Kill Innocents. That pisses the media off. Which pisses the cops off. Keep your slaughter to mutually conscenting security guards, yah?"
Kotenka says "Only took 1 FBI agent for me. :)"
Maya agrees with Craig.
Galgeron chuckles, "In any event, I think I'm going to need to improve my strength and whips skill so that It's more possible to knock out people rather then kill them :P"
BirdsInMouth says "Stunbolt 5, baby! Deadly casting! Yah!"
Sinclair says "that's the point of having the PrP-GM suggest a possible fallout. He might see/know things which are not obvious in the log (npc contacts and motivations for example) which could greatly help staff in determining a fallout, plus it might help to keep flames down too :)"
Darien high fives Birds
You say "If Matrix ever decides to play here again, he'll be allowed to. However, he will not be allowed back on staff, as much for the part where he went /completely/ off on the player, was telling them to fuck themselves, and was generally insulting and berating. That is /not/ the kind of person we need on staff. We can't be certain of everyone we hire, but we do try very hard to make sure that our staffers are as good as we can get them."
BirdsInMouth does the happy magic user dance.
Sinclair says "it's just and idea/suggestion based on what I seen implemented on another mux :)"
Pointer says "Well what about Corv?"
Ragnar has disconnected.
Kotenka says "Corv left, didnt he?"
Popper looks at Pointer "Eh?"
Pointer says "Doesnt anyone else find Corvidae to be "In your face" and at times, rather insulting?"
Maya finds you won't have problems if you don't get smart yourself. Trouble is....admins are people too...players whine...admin stress goes up....it's a nasty cycle.
Kotenka does.
BirdsInMouth says "He does have to put up with hte likes of us."
Galgeron says, "Yeah, I feel that kind of behavoir totally unwarranted. In Corvidae too."
Pointer says "Not liking putting up with players is the worst excuse for an insulting staffer"
Kotenka actually does quite frequently. But I weighed the pros and the cons.
Azul did at one point when he ran his Ninjas plot at the Cool Cat
BirdsInMouth says "I'd be impressed with the moral honesty you people were exhibiting if you wern't saying it when he was logged off."
Pointer says "Now, I've had Corv as a GM, and he's quite decent, and wasnt at all abusive"
Maya sticks up for Corv, "I had an issue with him one night. Explaied to him why I was being bitchy...aka...took it to another level...well we ended up apologizing too each other and it was all cool."
Kotenka prefers he'd log back on to say it, actually.
Galgeron says, "Matrix is/was still a cool person though. I thought that was clever of you :P"
Kotenka says "Thats why I asked. o.O"
Pointer says "But from what I've seen in discussions...he's rather "My way or the highway" often"
Maggie says "To counterpoint, I feel that PCs should be a bit more respectful as well. I mean, to behonest, you have issues with him Pointer, so i dunno that you are the most ... unbiased ... opinion"
Maya shrugs, "Well, admins have to say 'No' sometimes."
You say "Corvidae can be stern sometimes, but he's not out-and-out insulting. There's a difference between shouting, 'Fuck you, you asshole!' and just being very firm on an issue and ... well. A bit stubborn. ;)"
Popper says "Uhh, I hate to say it, but on the Corv thing, I have to agree with Pointer."
Maggie says "In any case, players tend to rant and rave at admin, and god knows no one needs that"
Pointer says "Do they have to say, "No, if you dont like it, fuck off?""
Kotenka says "Craig?"
You say "Yes?"
BirdsInMouth says "As a p+p GM, I often resort to my way or the highway. Players can be reeeeal obnoxious."
Kotenka says "Do you 'really' want a quote that speaks otherwise of that?"
Popper says "And for those who think I'm talking about him behind his back, I've told him over the phone what I felt."
Kotenka says "I have a couple in my HD."
Azul says "Mags. True"
Maya ponders, "Why is it some of you have hard issues with him and others of us don't?"
You say "Not right at the moment. You can @mail it to me if you like, but that's getting up to my next issue..."
Azul says "they forget that an Admin is a person working a thankless job to improve the game for them"
Maya nods to Azul
Pointer says "I can understand where Corv comes from, having been there, but someone should probably ask him that when he does feel the need to rip into someone, not to do it on Pub chan"
Maggie says "In leiu of proving some point, why dont we leave it with "Everyone should work on being nicer and more respectful to each other, admin or player""
You say "Incidentally, there was something involving Cybertron one night as well, different side of the same coin. He was destaffed (for about two hours) because we'd gotten reports that players were complaining about the high levels of his plots... again... after we'd told him to tune it down three times. It turns out, however, that those players were /enjoying/ the plot and weren't really complaining at all, it just had sounded like that..."
Azul says "Its just people skills thats needed by both sides"
Popper says "Corv is a good guy, but sometimes he gets it in his head that his way is the right way, unfortunately he's not always right, and doesn't always accept that fact."
Maya okays, "So, that brings up...what do you do if you and an admin don't see eye to eye and things are heating up on both sides?"
Ragnar has connected.
Pointer says "Walk away from the convo"
Maya notes, "But...you'll still be pissed about it."
BirdsInMouth says "Pissed fades."
Pointer says "It really depends what its over. If its over some stupid Pub discussion, then...get over it."
Galgeron says, "I have piss poor people skills and yet I still seem to do okay :P"
Maya as seen people harbor ill will towards certain people but never bother to try to address the issue. That's not productive.
Popper says "Walking away isn't necessarily always an option. If you're in a long term plot it might not be the best idea."
Pointer would like to clarify that he doesnt really have a problem with Corvidae, just someone might want to ask him to tone down the 'I hate players' attitude when in public forums.
Drake333 says "Ungh, c'mon people. Anyone willing to donate their time to Admin'ing for my personal enjoyment deserves my respect and appreciation. If I don't like it, or am not having fun, I don't have to play. Participation and membership will reveal how well the game is being run. If a particular ADMIN is a problem, avoid them. (What am I missing on this?)"
Amanita shrugs. "If admin plots have no upper limit, I would like to see all admin plots @walled for openings, rather than dropped on people at "random"."
You say "So, as a result of that, and having us look like complete dorks when we yanked Cybertron off staff until we figured out they weren't bitching, we're going to be putting up a policy on how to lodge a /Formal/ complaint. :) Basically, it's going to boil down to '@mail me and Wyld about it'. These are only to be used when there is some /serious/ issue with the game or an admin. When we get complaints from you players, we listen. That's something I want to make clear."
Kotenka says "Ama, this isn't Detroit."
Pointer says "Yeah, Ama, here there are no staff plots, duh"
Pointer says "Shields to full, Mr Sulu!"
Maggie says "Pointer? you are being an ass"
Pointer says "Yeah i was just kidding"
Kotenka says "Actually, if we are on SrPs, I'd like to note that they have a high failure rate regarding completions."
You say "Guys, do be polite. We're mostly through the topics that I wanted to bring up."
Galgeron chuckles, "This coming from miss treat everyone nicer :P"
Kotenka nods to Craig.
Maya passes out warm fuzzies to everyone to snuggle with. (Random happy break)
Maggie says "that was pretty nice, Gal :)"
Pointer says "You should hear her when she really tells me what she thinks ;)"
Maggie says "He's australian, ypou have to use a big stick"
Amanita says "uh? Cybertron? Corv? They all run staff plots."
Amanita says "Plots for big cash."
BirdsInMouth looks blankly at his fuzzy aligator. "The winslow?" He fires his gun through it, showering the area with stuffing. "Guess not."
Amanita says "call em what you want, they're running them."
Pointer was on a Corv plot the other day, for no cash, but he was only kidding so dont put pay in the comment
((OOC)) Ragnar thinks King Kong should fight Godzilla in Denver.
You say "And fraught with peril... :)"
((OOC)) Maya says, "We already had a giant lizard rampaging in the streets"
Pointer shudders
Azul says "there are plots and stuf. whats the rumors about anywway at times. ?"
*!OOC!* Kotenka misses those days.
((OOC)) Ragnar says, "Yeah, but it wasn't fighting a big Bannaa breath monster."
Pointer says "Wasnt it fighting that super-voodo guy?"
Maya nods
Craig thinks a bit... "Okay... yeah. I think that's all the topics I had. Floor is open for general player discussions at this time. :)"
Amanita says "I dunno, I'm just making a point which I think is a good one. My only real concern in any game is really how fair it is to be honest. Everything else hangs off that."
Kotenka says "And one thing I think needs to be addressed: rumor-spam. When its a page long it is NOT a rumor-- its a friggin scene to a documentary."
Pointer says "I dont think ever staff plot should be open to every player"
Pointer says "Some plots are designed with certain PCs in mind."
Kotenka agrees and disagrees.
Azul says "um. rumors are sources to plots. what if one wnats to do legwork from a super spam rumor"
Sinclair thinks there should be both
Galgeron says, "Seriously though if any of you people have a problem with me, feel free to tell me about it. I totally overreact sometimes, but generally I get pissed at myself rather then you :P As I've said many times I've got a condition known as 'Asperger's Syndrome'. Short version of it is that I need to rely heavily on deductive/reasoning skills to understand people. If you keep civil I wont get too upset.
Popper says "I'm kind wondering how a "rumor" can contain precise and accurate details of who's working for who and doing what."
Kotenka says "There are boards for that, Azul."
((OOC)) Ragnar says, "Hey, sassay How common is sasquatch in shadowrun?"
Craig actually has a plot in the works that hinges on Azul. (At least to start with.) "Know why? ... 'cause... he's about the only other Decker active, other than my PC! :)"
Galgeron snickers.
Maggie would like to see a moritorium on "rumors" that are little more than a day-by-day blow of someone's life. i mean, i'd have issues with my contacts that tell me these things
Pointer says "Dont forget Rave, when she's around"
Kotenka says "I think that is true that certain plots have certain people in mind-- but frequently plotting with one person is not helpful to the playerbase-- its just elitism."
Maya notes, "Do please tell someone when you have issues with them. SOlve it on a day you don't hate them. I've just heard people bitch OOC about some other PC but never do anything about it...and when they finally do...it just makes things so much easier. Harboring ill will is not productive."
Kotenka says "Ayup."
Popper says "Mags, I tried to hunt down the guy that was telling details of my current contract, and was told flatly that it wouldn't be allowed."
BirdsInMouth says "Oh, that reminds me. Did anyone touch on the Jaguar Soul event before I got here, specifically PvP conflict?"
Maggie says "yeah, if anyone has problems with me about something recent, lemme know. if it's in the late past, dont bother"
Popper says "Any problems with me, lemme know. Old or new, don't matter."
Kotenka says "Maggie-- capitalize!!! :P"
Kotenka says "Thats all I can think of."
Maggie says "Why? i'm not rping"
Maya adds, "That includes those people who think that so-and-so is a super twinky PC and moan and moan about it...but never ask the PC....gee...how did you get that high?"
Maggie says "and i'm more tha a little drunk"
Drake333 says "It's all cool. Just would like more opportunities to be in PrP's. Thanks to everyone for being friendly, and the staff for providing the world. Keep having FUN!"
BirdsInMouth says "And if you have a problem about me, tough! I'm supported by seven out of ten of the voices in my head."
Kotenka likes that explaination better.
Pointer says "Actually"
Drake333 bows out.
Pointer says "I have a question"
((IC)) Drake333 (#1951) is whisked back onto the grid.
Drake333 has left.
Pointer says "Its been brought up that we've no doc PCs, and the question is, can an NPC doc compare to a PC doctor?"
Pointer says "As someone has said, there's no way anyone but a PC doc could operate on them, they dont have the KP"
Amanita says "well, they don't."
Azul sips some of Maggie's drink,"Hey. So. I guess I'm going to go through the grinder soon. damn. re: Craig. Hmm. I do remember there being a thing that Alpha used to do. this being a PrP mux if you did enough PrPs. it would get you a spot within a Admin PLot
Pointer says "This also ties into threat for cash, too...how much karma should NPCs have?"
Amanita says "After all, 15 KP NPCs are pretty much nonexistent. for that matter 15KP PCs are pretty much nonexistent too, except on a mux."
You say "Absolutely, NPCs can compare with PCs. While PCs are generally considered to be the 'Cream of the Crop' and comprise small numbers of the population, there are NPCs with equivelent, or even superior, skills."
Popper says "An admin run doc can however mess with the rolls if they consider it valid."
Pointer says "Yes, but its the KP thats the moneymaker, Craig"
Galgeron says, "I've been considering becoming a Doc, but already I feel like one of the weaker characters on here. Which is really kind of sad. It may just be that I tend to hang out with a lot of adepts and street sams though."
Pointer says "An NPC woth 8 skill and 1 KP doesnt match up to a PC with 5 or 6 skill and 15 KP"
Maya coughs at Gal, "Maya makes you feel weak?"
Kotenka says "You beat Qian, didnt you Gal?"
Pointer says "Or 10, or even 6"
Amanita says "dunno, NPCs are sposed to have between 1 and 4 KP as advised. The highest I ever saw a scripted NPC have was 6 - the bodyguards of Renraku's CEO. Any more than that is just a weird mush thing."
((OOC)) Ragnar says, "Galgeron weak?"
You say "And NPC with 8 skills should have at least 3 karma pool. I'd probably give them more."
Galgeron snickers, "I didn't say I hang out exclusivly with samurai and adepts :P"
Kotenka has seen an NPC with a LOT of KP once. :P
Pointer says "Right Ama, but you said it yourself, there;s a lot more karma on a mux"
Azul Galg hangs out with Deckers too
((OOC)) Ragnar says, "well there is threat dice too"
Maya notes those damn pastry elementals has a shitload of karma ;)
Azul says "and yes He did beat Qian. once"
Amanita nods. "Don't think it's a good thing though myself. And besides, it's irrelevant, it's only me." ;)
((OOC)) Galgeron says, "Yeah, I only have 6 Whips, 7 Aikido, 8 Body, 8 strength, and 3 impact armour. Lots of Karma though :)"
Darien grins widely and whistles
Pointer says "4 KP NPCs cant possibly match up against the 100-300 karma PCs, of which there's becoming more of"
((OOC)) Ragnar says, "that's pretty scary :)"
((OOC)) Ragnar says, "You probably have iron bones too"
Pointer says "On the other hand, i recently came up against 3 gangers with 25 KP between them, and very nearly died ;)"
Kotenka says "Thats a lot of KP for gangers. :P"
BirdsInMouth says "We need mortality, then. Start killing off players. This is supposed to be a DARK setting, after all."
You say "Damn... my gangers only had 1 karma pool apiece (the leader had 3), and they still killed the PC with 9 karma pool that was antagonizing them... on /their/ turf."
Pointer says "Yeah, i was suprised."
Maggie runs screaming from DARK
Azul says "Qian is more on the Perceptive Stealth Tiger thing. I could have poured his Power Points to the Death Monger side of things. but that was OOC"
Darien says "I see shadowrun as more gritty than dark. WOD is Dark."
Ragnar says "I'm in agreement with Craig."
Azul says "so Galg might be able to beat him in a fight"
Ragnar says "I can beat 50 kp pc's"
Ragnar says "with the proper usage npc securit"
Maya can scare off small children :D
Kotenka can cut open cans.
Popper says "Blade runner type setting is the usual description for SR that I've heard."
Darien gets cut on Open Cans
Pointer says "Well, craig, can we possibly look at guidelines for NPC KP levels? Low med high pro/threat ratings?"
Ragnar says "NPC's can have better cyber, better guards, the fact they are working together... etc."
Galgeron says, "I disagree with the killing players part. Sometimes it might be called for, but only rarely."
Pointer says "Just so everyone is working off the same page?"
Amanita says "KP on combat is not what I'm saying. KP on downtime type stuff is far more of a distortion. I only got biotech 5, but better me than an NPC doc with biotech 10 and 3 KP."
Azul says "Yes I think Blade runner when I Envision SR"
Craig mms. "I suppose I could write something up about that."
Ragnar says "PC's are like Navy Seals or those brittish commandos"
Maya smiles, "Maybe someone should just make a doc PC."
Popper says "Shadowrunners are the elite criminals of the environment, PCs are the elite members of that society, making them the creme de la creme."
Amanita is working on it maya. ;)
You say "Mal was our PC doc, and then he left... ;)"
Maya claps!
Pointer says "PC docs suck ass"
Ragnar says "But at any regard, they can get whapped tooo."
Pointer says "To play, i mean"
Amanita says "Nah, just do other stuff too."
Kotenka says "Mal was also bitching about being bored. I wonder why. :P"
Galgeron snickers, "I kind of dislike the whole military goon thing that so many people seem to be doing."
Amanita will be an adept/decker/covert op/doc. ;)
Popper says "I'm going to be adding Medical to Pops shortly, kinda building him into a more support type than anything else."
Maya chuckles, "I could send Maya to med school."
Maggie says "so do i need to alt a doctor or fixer?"
BirdsInMouth says "The possibility of dull plots. The newbie bill of rights. Setting. PvP issues. Common civility. Staff bill of rights. Galgeron's blatent disregard of cheesecake rules. I'm beginning to suspect no one but me can see my posts."
Maya says to Maggie, "Alt a fixer and come help me."
Pointer says "you could turn Maya into a face and earn some money, too, Maya"
Popper says "Mags, if you take the Fix I'll take the doc."
Maggie says "okie"
Pointer says "I can see them, injun"
Maya would REALLY like a fixer partner
BirdsInMouth says "It's something, I guess."
Kotenka knows enough people to be a fixer.
Craig is thinking about dropping DeColvez for a fixer, actually. :)
BirdsInMouth says "You do? Can you get me work?"
Popper says "Serious Mags?"
Kotenka says "Me? Uh, easily. :P"
Pointer installs a coinslot on Maggie
Maggie says "Sure, i can play a fixer. it's not hard"
Galgeron laughs, "I can see them :) It's just hard to respond to them. Under normal circumstances I might respond with sillyness, but we're here to sort out issues so I'm trying to keep things on track. I feel like I can really distract people sometimes :)
Ezekial has arrived.
Popper says "Cool, should have the Doc available for approval by the admins in a few days."
Maya notes that if two fixers share orders then if one has RL issues, the players don't suffer the wait. Plus, it's twice as much dice to avail for all intents and purposes."
Galgeron says, "I would have generated Yan Tekai already if it wasn't for that Alts can't know your main character, or both be magicians.
Pointer thinks they should compete
Maya had tried to get a fixer to join her before but they kept disappearing
Galgeron says, "And he would operate as a sort of Fixer."
Maya snorts, "I give good enough deals as it is."
Pointer says "Yeah but a Fixer Consortium sounds a little twinky"
Craig shrugs. "Sounds like the mob to me. ;)"
Popper rarely uses a fixer for his equipment.
Maya frowns, "Not a small partnership."
Kotenka says "Nah, just a partnership."
Maya adds, "Besides, I have commercial leadership ;)"
Kotenka says "More buisiness."
Bagheera says "It's hard for my chars to not know each other. But i'm managing"
Pointer says "Well, i think this meet has petered out now, yeah?"
Maggie says "think about my mail, craig"
Pointer says "Lets celebrate with a 15 PC run. Come on, Craig!"
Galgeron says, "Oh yeah! I just remembered something :P"
Kotenka takes this time to say: http://weblab1.carroll.cc.md.us:157/dbobrosky/Project%203/default.html if you want to see a neat flash intro.
Ezekial says "Will the logs be posted to the website so my tardy ass can get an idea of what happened?"
Kotenka, cheap advertiser. =D
Maya notes the DL time on that flash was worth it....very nice Kotenka
Kotenka nodnods. Thanks.
Craig nods to Zeek.
Amanita says "ooh, it's been improved already. :)"
Craig has been logging. :)
Popper says "Craig, question?"
You say "If you all think that I'm running something for 15 PCs..."
Galgeron says, "One thing I've noticed is that it seems quite hard to get a training plot done. Now I know that I could very easily do a completly self serving plot that results in me getting more skill and the like, but I really dislike the idea. Which is the reason why I offer to do it for OTHER people :P No one ever responds to me though."
You say "Sure, Pops."
Popper says "Not to sound pushy, but what's average turn around time on @mails?"
Kotenka says "What, the news section? :P"
Maya says, "I wouldn't mind rping some NPC for you GAl....I don't always have active rp going on."
Craig chuckles. "@mail to /who/?"
Popper says "You. :)"
Popper says "Or more precisely, You, Wyld and Corv."
BirdsInMouth shrugs. "Hell, I'm not doing anything with my time. Ask me sometime.
You say "Longer than the queues take. ;) I get a lot."
Pointer excuses himself and heads back IC.
Popper says "Kinda figured. Ok, you mind a page then?"
You say "Not at all."
((IC)) Pointer (#5371) is whisked back onto the grid.
Pointer has left.
Azul dodges bullets on his way out. Being shot at for knowing too much.
((IC)) Azul (#5372) is whisked back onto the grid.
Azul has left.
Maya notes, "If anyone ever needs something from a book or would like an NPC or contact played....Maya is not always rping and so her player wouldn't mind helping out at all :)"
Galgeron snickers, "Wahoo! I'll have to bug you about that sometime :P Also, I've been told that it seems like I've only been running plots lately for a few people. Well one in specific... Which brings me to my next point, I'll usaully let anyone into one of my plots as long as it's not one where knowing the other people is important, or it isn't too full. Generally I announce runs.
Maya smiles, "And on that note.......thank you all for your warmth and support."
Maya poofs back to ic
((IC)) Maya (#1585) is whisked back onto the grid.
Maya has left.
BirdsInMouth says "Heeeey. Run a plot for me? I don't have anything to do."
Craig calls the player meeting to a close at this point.